Get the Balls Up!
Get the Balls Up - with a new spin on physics based ball games. 

No advertising. 
No in app purchases. 
No data collection. 
Nothing but 100% satisfaction.
Touch the slider to spin the ball to make it bounce where it needs to go. Navigate up the platforms of each level to get the ball to the exit at the top.

It's as simple as that!  Addictive, frustrating, challenging fun, and just so, so satisfying when you master it. Just remember to breathe when playing, and enjoy gaming in its purest form.

Use the footballs, tennis balls, beach balls, basketballs, volleyballs, and bowling balls. Each bounces a different height, and you'll need to use the right one at the right time to be successful. Avoid bombs, spikes, and electricity,  and stay ahead of the rising water.

Get the Balls Up! Family - a game with no privacy concerns. This app does not collect data. Ever. This means no Ads, no In-App purchases, and no network services, making this the perfect family friendly game. Made to be enjoyed by players of all ages, this is a modern example of how gaming used to be - pure fun and enjoyment.

Are you ready for the best single swipe bouncing ball game? Download Get the Balls Up to find out - it's got Balls!