Monday, 17 April 2017

Get the Balls Up!

Physics just got a new Spin!

Get the Balls Up - with a new spin on physics games. 

Not just another single tap game - Get the Balls Up is the single swipe, one slider game!

Drag the slider to spin the ball to make it bounce where it needs to go. Navigate up the platforms of each level to get the ball to the exit at the top.

It's as simple as that!  Addictive, frustrating, challenging fun, and just so, so satisfying when you master it. Just remember to breathe when playing, and enjoy gaming in its purest form.

Get the Balls Up is a genuine free game. It is free to download and does not feature Billing. There are some ads - we do need a bit of revenue - but this is a game designed to be played.

Are you ready for the single swipe game? Download Get the Balls Up to find out - it's got Balls!


Available from Google Play

Get it on Google Play

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Blood Shot - Bird Shooting Game

You want some blood and guts? Load your guns and shoot some ducks! And geese! And lots of other birds game in a style kind of like Duck Hunt - but you will never have seen duck hunting quite like this. 

This is shooting taken to extremes. Whenever the sights automatically lock onto a target you just press fire! Then watch the cute little creatures being blown into pieces, and lots of blood - so much you will wear out the windscreen wipers keeping your screen clean. Yes, you get swipe controlled windscreen wipers!

Straightforward touch control means anyone can learn to play this game immediately. However, mastering it is a different matter. As well as the blood splattered carnage you need to shoot bonus bubbles to top up your ammunition and upgrade your weapons. Upgrade from handguns to rifles, shotguns, and uzi machine guns

Go against preprogrammed formations if you want a game reminiscent of classic sideways scrolling shoot-em-ups. Reach the end and get rewarded with extra bullets for your next game. Then see how long you can last in the challenge mode. Whatever mode you play in, these birds won't have time to get angry - they'll be splattered all over your screen

Download size is optimised for your device. HD graphics for HD devices. Small file size for non-HD phone screens.

Blood Shot .... Guns ready - shoot the birds - in this blood soaked, gore laden duck hunt!

Get it on Google Play